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How to Play Safe and Peaceful Holi with Children

This year Holi 2018 will be celebrated on 1st and 2nd of March. As this is the season of spring, it is also clutching the festival of color. We at Morning Hospitality provides you best Holi celebration packages. There is happiness all over and everybody is on the streets to play fun loving Holi. Especially children are most enthusiastic on this specific occasion because as a kid they love pichkari, colors and balloons. Earlier Holi was celebrated in a decent manner with colors and flowers. But since last few years the celebration has come to a next level.

Now they play Holi with water balloons which can hurt others, chemical colors which can harm your skin. In that case we should take care of children specially. Holi as we all know is a worldwide festival which is celebrated according to their own tradition and culture. There are some blatant kids who throw eggs and tomatoes on the people going on the street. It is not the thing to be liked by everyone and they can also take strict action against it. Some people enjoys this act and get involved in it. It can also lead to serious health issues in future.


Here are some points we should keep in mind while playing Holi with children:


Go with Herbal Colors:

On this very special occasion we all go crazy and forget about other’s safety and concern. But as parents you should keep in mind that your child is using only herbal colors to play Holi. Don’t let your child use chemical and synthetic colors as it can cause skin disease, irritation and eye infection. It can be dangerous for them and can destroy their health and future. Instead you can make natural colors at home using turmeric, rose petals, henna, flour and other natural substances. Ask them to use pichkari filled with only water and not mixed with color. Make this festival of color more entertaining and glossy.

Stop Animal Barbarity:

Don’t throw colors and water on animals as it can destroy their life. Ask your child before leaving the home not to hurt any animal on Holi celebration. Also, if you have pet at your home keep them inside the house for their safety reason. Like people get hurt by balloons and chemical water in the same way animals also get affected by these harmful products. Holi is a festival of spreading love and happiness and not hurting others. Play safe!


Say No To Water Balloons:

Since last few years’ kids have started this trend of throwing water balloons on street going people in which some of them are senior citizens. Ask your children not to use water balloons in Holi party as it can cause serious injuries to anyone out there. You must be taking it as a joke but it is a very serious issue if it comes to health. Nobody will bear this if they hurt their eyes, ears or skin. Why to take a chance just for one day celebration which can affect your whole life. Wish Happy Holi to everyone and cheer yourself on this day.

Holi Customs for Kids:

Make this Holi more special and memorable by teaching your child about Holi amenities. Ask your child to take permission before applying color to elders and small babies so that they don’t get hurt anyway.  It is very important to guide your child how to play safe Holi. Bring out the good in your child as it will beneficial for both of them. We as youngsters and adults know very well how to play Safe Holi but children are innocent so we should educate them. Choose the right way to play on this festival of color and avoid violence.

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