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Mind-boggling Dishes to have at the Time of Holi Festival

Being the most celebrated festival in the Hindu religion, food plays a delicious role in adding soul to the party. Holi has always been the most favorite festival of every individual since very old times. People play it with charm and enthusiasm. Morning Hospitality endeavor the best Holi Celebration packages within India. Holi is celebrated with wide range of people gathering and putting colors, laughing, singing and dancing from the depth of soul. Be it the locals or the travelers everybody plays together. Every year Holi is celebrated for 2 days. Morning Hospitality brings in the best Holi events in Delhi.  First day is celebrated as Holika Dahan with bonfire. People gathers, revolves around the bonfire praising the achievement of good over evil. Second day is celebrated as actual color celebration day. People eat variety to food, dance with each other, throw water balloons and mud on each other.  

There are number of traditional dishes which are prepared at the time of Holi Festival:



The most favorite sweet dish of every Indian at the time of Holi. Filled with coconut stuffing, sweet from inside and little crispy from outside. It tastes delicious and you can have it 2 to 3 at a time. Basically made up of khoya also known as dumpling. It looks golden brown in color. People start preparing the dish 2 days before the Holi Celebration. It is offered to god at the time of Holika Dahan and then served to everyone.


Holi Festival and Thandai go hand-in-hand. The necessary drink at the time of Holi. The mixture of almonds, rose petals, cardamom, watermelon seeds, saffron, milk and sugar. ‘Thandai’ is the specialty of Varanasi at the time of Holi. But every year we cannot visit Varanasi so slowly this drink becomes the trend in Delhi as well. Because of almonds it appears light yellow in color and sprinkled with saffron tastes amazing. People start the celebration with this special drink and dance madly and enjoy.

Dahi Vada/Dahi Bhalla

It is the combination of sour and sweet. As it is made up of sweet red sauce and green sour sauce. Small floor balls are fried in the oil but when eaten tastes so soft and yummy with curd. Holi event looks incomplete without this dish. The platter is prepared by putting some balls in the plate with curd on top. Then spread some green and red sauce and sprinkles some black pepper. Finally some red pepper and some crispy namkeen on top of it. It tastes amazing when we eat it.

Chana Masala

The most common fast food which is available at the corner of every street in Delhi. But it has a specialty too as it is a part of Holi Celebration in a country like India. Chickpeas are prepared in the form of veggie with all the spices. You can squeeze the lemon later if u want and garnish it with coriander leaves. Puri is prepared with floor, deep fried in the oil and served with curd and salad on the festival of Holi. It the tradition followed by many religion at the time of Holi in India.


The most famous and the ancient dessert of Holi in India available almost in every of the city. Like Holi is incomplete without colors and dance. Similarly, sweets and desserts are also relevant for the celebration and Malpua is one of them. In some places it is called as “Waffle” or “Pancake”. It is very sweet in taste and a must have dessert at the time of Holi festival. They dip in sugar syrup, fry it partially and finally served with chocolate sauce and bananas which are used for topping the Malpua. It tastes delicious when eaten hot or you chilled out and eat it.

Besan Papdi

A well Known Indian snacks also popular at the time of Holi Celebration. People can eat this with the proper meal or you can have it with the tea also. This is why we celebrate Holi as it is the combination of traditions. Different food items, desserts, snacks, colors, water balloons and drinks are the key to make Holi a memorable day.  It is not sweet, it is not spicy but it has a medium flavor to it which is amazing.

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