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Indian Wedding Ceremony Celebration-Culture and Tradition

Indian Wedding

India is a land of culture and traditions. Wedding is one such beautiful commemoration of bond between two people and their families. If you are thinking why we give so much importance to marriage in Indian culture. This is because it brings a great meaning to life and gives a beautiful reason to live and love your life. Wedding is a one time yet most important event in everybody’s life. Morning Hospitality is a portal which helps you fulfill your dream. Wedding is not just an official commitment of two individual but attachment of two hearts and two families becoming one.

Indian Wedding comprises of three different occasions: pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding. We offer best wedding planners in Delhi NCR. Hindu families follow all the rituals before the actual wedding day. Haldi function, Mehndi function, Ladies sangeet and many more. We celebrate every occasion on a very big note. Starting up with shopping, venue, gifts, catering, and sweets till the booking of marriage band in Delhi. Cousins are more excited whether its bride or groom and start their marriage choreography a week before. It’s a full fun and entertainment in the house and relatives start coming before pre-wedding rituals starts.


Every girl dreams of a grand wedding whether it is destination wedding or Indian wedding. We have the best and affordable Leading Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR. Nowadays it has become a trend to meet your would be partner before marriage so as to understand each other. This is how you get to know each other when it comes to arrange marriages. This is how they can decide best wedding gardens and lawns in Delhi NCR. And can discuss about wedding venues in Delhi.

Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR 

When all the functions are over with all the mehndi celebration, haldi celebration, sangeet, dance and music and fun. Then comes the day of wedding. A day before a wedding day the best wedding decorators in Delhi NCR start decorating the “Mandapa”. Where bride and groom take the circle around the solemn fire, tie the knot of Mangalsutra. And fill a red color powder on the head of bride. And this is how the whole ritual takes place. How can you forget about the wedding car decoration for bride and groom at the time of “Vidai”. A well decorated car from groom’s side comes to pick the bride. After finishing all the rituals its time for bride to reach grooms’s house. Mother-in-law welcomes the bride with a vessel full of rice. Then she has to lightly hit that vessel with right foot and finally she gets the entry in the house.


This is how the whole wedding ceremony takes place in Hindu culture. As we know love is the building block to overcome fear, hatred, sadness and jealousy. Friendship is a baby step in every relation. After that love and finally to give a name to this beautiful relation comes marriage. We are providing top 10 wedding Planner to all those who are looking forward to get married. To marry someone is a dream of every girl since childhood that a groom is coming on white horse to take her. And as they grow up and the time comes for their marriage. They get very nervous and feel sad inside. It is not at all easy for a girl to leave her parents, sacrifice everything and go to some other house.

Preparing for Indian wedding is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work keeping in mind all the traditions and rituals. For full planning and organization we have the best Event organizers in Delhi NCR to accomplish your dreams.

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