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Holi Celebration Around the World

 Holi was first originated in India long ago having a great history behind. But slowly and gradually, people started celebrating it in almost every corner of the country especially in Delhi. And now the festival is celebrated all over the world. Festival of culture, traditions and rituals. If you want to know the Holi Festival information then visit us at Morning Hospitality.

Therefore, people from all over the world travel different places to celebrate the festival of color. Being the life of party colors and bhang play a very important role as it adds more glow to the celebration. The countdown has begun and Holi 2018 is soon reaching on 1st and 2nd of March. This religious festival probably brings in the joy of color, happiness, love and entertainment. Celebrate the Holi Festival with your loved ones and also make it a memory. We offer you the best Holi celebration packages just decide the destination you want to visit.

Here are some places you can Celebrate Holi this season:



Shake your booty in Singapore this festive season on 2nd of March more or less with colors, drinks and delicious cuisines. Rock DJ music and the sizzling dancing foots, fun-loving activities are not to be missed at Azzura. Fill in the positive vibes and pour some color to your dream and live it to the fullest. Holi celebration brings happiness and the spread the fragrance of love all over. Come and grasp the best destination package at Morning Hospitality. Enjoy making delicious pancakes, yummy meal and win prizes.

Color Jam Music Festival

While the crazy event that takes place in Texas every year at the time of Holi with dreamy mix of dance and music beats. They celebrate by performing mind blowing acts like Sunny Sweeney and Green River Ordinance. We offer you with the best Holi events at affordable price. Hence capturing the joy of love with locals as well as people from different countries making it momentous.

Life in Color- Florida

The most amazing Holi festival initiated by the colleges in Florida. Especially pouring colors, dancing on the beat, sweet dishes, fun activities are the key to this event. Now the Life in Color has become the global festival to color and joy. In addition Holi 2018 will bring in the best in the box opening up with togetherness and kindness.

Holi One

Incredible celebration in the Cape Town brings you the best way portray the culture and tradition of Holi. Adore the beauty of Holi festival with dancing, shouting and spreading color in the air. Come and join us on 1st and 2nd of March this year for the huge celebration.

Holi Garden Festival

Finally color yourself with the upcoming Holi Festival in Ibiza. With the freshness and positivity in the heart spread the joy of love and color. Brighten your day with loud music and dance and rock the stage with Holi colors. Experience the fun loving and togetherness in the upcoming festive season. Free entry to the event for the locals as well as the travelers on the occasion of Holi.


Holi Festival of Colors

Therefore, feel the freshness and fly the color of joy this season in Johannesburg in South Africa. Almost every county depicts its own relevant culture of celebration about Holi. So get wet in the colored water, water balloons, throw colors in the air, and hit the dance floor with your madness. Hence come and celebrate with us the amazing and most noteworthy Holi Festival this year.

Colour Run

A very unique yet fun loving Holi festival event initiated by Travis Snyder. A graduate from Brigham Young University. People from all over run a marathon of over 5 kilometers and hence get drenched with different colors after every single kilometer. In the end, the event goes on with entertainment, music, dance and  hence throwing colors on each other as Finish Festival. New Holi event started in 2013 now has become worldwide consequently.

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