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History and Tradition behind Holi Celebration in Different States

Holi is a well known Hindu festival celebrated in a country like India. Not by all religion but yes they celebrate in every corner of the country. Morning Hospitality provides the best Holi tour package this year for Holi celebration.  A day of spreading colors of joy, making new relations, patching up with the broken relationships. This special day has a great history behind it. With the upcoming spring this Holi festival in Delhi brings out the victory of good over evil. A day before Holi, people starts collecting the material for Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi.

On 1st day people gather around a particular place for performing the ritual and prepare themselves for bonfire party. The way ‘Holika’, sister of monster king ‘Hiranyakashipu’ sat on the fire; similarly, we set the bonfire to destroy the evil from our body and bring the good in us. Morning Hospitality books the weekend getaway and tour packages for Holi celebration each year.  Here are some places which will explain the history behind Holi celebration:

Tradition in Rajasthan:

The Holi festival is celebrated in the devotion of Lord Krishna in Rajasthan. It is celebrated as Brij Mahotsav in Bharatpur city of Rajasthan. The childhood place of Lord Krishna where he spent his childhood giggling, playing and performing other childhood activities. Descent drive away festival, people wearing beautiful attire, playing with dry colors, water balloons, portraying the divine love of Radha and Krishna by imitating “Raslila”. The people all over start dancing, singing and wishing happy Holi with full on energy and enthusiasm and flying colors on each other. They organize special Holi melas including food, traditional shops and rides for locals and travelers before Holi. So that they can shop for themselves and enjoy truly.

Holi Celebration History in Mumbai:

Holi is a very age-old festival which we celebrate all over the world. People use to call this festival as “Holika” also. We provide great holi celebration packages within India. Hiranyakashipu’s younger brother was slaughter by Lord Vishnu. But in spite of retribution he wanted to rule over the earth and the heaven by ultimately defeating him. Monster king having the power of blessing wanted that everybody should obey his orders.

As he wanted to rule the whole empire. As the divine being of Prahlad (Son of Hiranyakashipu) was Lord Vishnu, his father could not resist this fact. And wanted to kill his son with the help of “Holika” (Sister of Hiranyakashipu) and Holika sat on fire with Prahalad but somehow Prahalad jumped out and Holika totally blistered on fire. Later, Lord Vishnu also executed Hiranyakashyap. And that is why we celebrate Holi every year since then.

Culture and Tradition in Delhi:

Every state has the same history behind Holi celebration. But the way of celebrating this festival is different in each state and country. Delhi is a fun loving country and people from all over wish to come. Celebrate this festival with Delhiites as the people are little crazy when it comes to celebration, be it Holi or any other festival Delhi people has a unique way of celebrating it. Morning Hospitality offers Holi events in Delhi.

We celebrate Holi every year in the remembrance of “Holika” who was sitting on fire badly by the intention of killing Prahalad. Be it colors, be it water balloons, be it wet sand, be it bucket full of water or be it pichkari, the people of Delhi organize the Holi party with such grace that is remembered for any years. We celebrate the festival of Holi long before the birth of Jesus Christ. Not only in Delhi but many other states as well.

Tradition in Rishikesh:

Holi frolic celebration takes place in Rishikesh a day before Holika Dahan. The delirium of Holi 2018 is viral all over and the bonfire takes place at Laxman Jhula chowk and this place become the celebration spot as people gather around, take the circle around fire, praise to god, hug and wish each other, sing and dance with each other staining people with colors and throwing water on each other. The atmosphere is so enthusiastic that the locals as well as the people from other states gathered around. Don’t find any difference in each other and play with each other.

Holi in Delhi is incomplete without the essential foodstuffs including thandai, bhang, gujiya, dahi-bhallas, and of course, colors, water guns, pichkari and how can you forget taking selfies which has become the biggest trend of the people all over which adds more spice to the celebration.

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