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Our Fascinating Dubai Trip Was An Unforgettable Adventure

Fascinating Dubai Trip

I and My Wife were looking forward to spending this summertime at the place we have never been before. So we decided to plan a trip and suddenly we came across this travel portal Morning Hospitality. I contact them and asked for Dubai Trip Package. They helped me with full package booking and accommodation made it a fascinating Dubai trip. Starting with flight booking till we came back to Delhi they managed everything so nicely. The departure of the flight was on time and we landed in the evening.

Here is a scheduled list to Dubai tour and the places we traveled:

Glorious Jumeirah Beach 1st Day Of Fascinating Dubai Trip:

It was a tremendous journey, we landed at Dubai airport on time and the cab was already waiting outside the airport. He then dropped us at one of the five stars Jumeirah Beach Restaurant from where the night view of Jumeirah beach was just stunning. Next morning post breakfast we both got ready for the exotic and rejuvenating Jumeirah Beach visit. We spend such a great time on the milky white sand and the waves on the beach singing melody.  I and my wife took a lot of selfies; shoot the video of beautiful beach and people hanging around.

After a lot of fun-loving Jumeirah beach activities, rats started long jump in the stomach. We then went to the hotel to taste the delicious flavors. Had a great treat with delicious food and spend some quality time sitting with a coffee mug in the room. In the evening with the glory of eye-catching lights all over we went for a personal tour to buy some stuff for the market. After hours of walking it was time for dinner. It was really a tiring day and later we went to sleep. Jumeirah Beach Park was undoubtedly a great experience.

Visit Burj Khalifa 2nd Day Of Fascinating Dubai Trip:

One of the must place to visit in Dubai is a well-known superstructure in Dubai. Today was the day to explore this high-rise building in the world and we after a fresh wake up had breakfast in the room. On a bright sunny morning, we head on to 828m tall building having 163 floors and most of us would we unaware of Burj Khalifa height. It was not easy for us to cover all the Burj Khalifa floors yet we covered most parts of this mesmerizing building. As we entered we were stunned to watch the huge exposure of epicness. Elevators play a great role in saving your energy. It was a treat to watch the shopping centers, Burj clubs, observation deck and much more in Burj Khalifa. It was a great cherishable day. We were already late for dinner. It was a great day captured in the camera. Though the food was not our cup of tea, yes the place is a full platter with extra cheese.
The best part was the fountain dance in front of Burj Khalifa after 6 pm with stunning lights. My mad shopaholic wife did a lot and lot of shopping there as it’s a source of her happiness. We had traveled a lot of places together but this place left us speechless. It was a heartthrob for both of us such a fascinating Dubai trip.

Abu Dhabi (Ferrari World) 3rd Day Of Fascinating Dubai Trip:

After wrapping 2 pleasing days in Dubai, now was the time to experience the longest and largest spacious theme park in the world. Though we were tired like hell, we thought of skipping the plan but then it changed. Post yummy breakfast we left for Abu Dhabi and as we reached there we were shocked to witness Ferrari World inside. We were in doubt whether we would complete all the 20 rides or not but yes we were excited too. The most dangerous and huge Ferrari World fastest roller coaster (Formula Rossa) ride. If you dare to ride this you can ride anything in the world. It was like an adventurous trip where you can visit with your friends and family. If you want to know about the Ferrari World prices you can check online and can easily book the tickets online.

We were treated with best possible facilities. We were taken care of very nicely by hotel staff. Coming back to Ferrari world, the place is full of adventure and fun as it has amazing rides in stock with delicious Italian cuisine to offer. A virtual Ferrari factory for exploration. We also experience the G-force ride taking you almost 62m high and then down to earth. It was a mammoth especially for families due to its amusement park, other attractions, and thrilling experiences. We had a lot of fun and we will never ever be able to forget this journey.

Visit Burjuman Mall Last Day Of Fascinating Dubai Trip:

It was our last day in Dubai and after spending a lot of time in exploring and experiencing the culture of Dubai. We finally thought of doing something light and then decided of visiting Burjuman Mall. So We checked out early morning from the hotel as we had the flight to catch in the evening. We had the breakfast in the Burjuman Mall food court only and while having breakfast we were looking at the pictures we clicked in the last three days. And We clicked a lot of pictures while traveling.

After some time we thought of some shopping in Burjuman Mall shops. It was a huge mall with lots and lots of shops, food court. And gaming zone for kids as well as adults.  My wife started exploring the shops one by one and shopped some kinds of stuff for. And some beautiful tiny things for other family members. We took selfies there as well and had a gossip with some foreigners. And then we suddenly realize we had a flight to catch. We had some lunch and finally, we left for the airport.

Truly It was Fascinating Dubai Trip and was a great experience for both of us. And we spent amazing time there. Overall, we had no regrets about booking holiday package for Dubai. And special thanks to all the team members of Morning Hospitality for letting us experience this beautiful place. We really had a lot of fun and we would soon like to connect with you for more trips.

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