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Don’t Feel Bad it’s Holi

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi in advance! Play a peaceful and safe Holi without hurting anyone. As we all know that tomorrow(1st March) is Holi. On this day everybody worship Holika dahan and pray to god for the victory about good over evil. Next day is celebrated as day of colors which is known as Dhulandi in India. Everybody comes out on the street and wish Happy Holi to each other, spray colors on eachother, then they have sweet dishes, dance with each other and sing together. Small kids throw water balloons and spray water filled pichkari on everybody.

Morning Hospitality is the door which opens up to take a step towards travel world. It is a day of spreading happiness all over and color your day with entertainment and enthusiasm. We all are aware about the history behind celebration and that is why we celebrate Holi on a very big not in India. Every religion has a unique way of celebrating Holi festival in a country like India and now it has become a trend to celebrate all over the world. Lathmar Holi, Phoolon wali Holi, Paani wali Holi, Rango wali Holi and Wet mud Holi are some of the tradition to celebrate Holi in different states. Lots of people travel in India to specially celebrate this festival of colors. We offer the best Holi Celebration Packages for such travelers. We wish to play safe Holi and spread love and affection all over.

Here are some key points to keep in mind before the Holi celebration starts:

1 Put on Old Clothes:

People play drastic Holi with eggs, tomatoes, dirty mud and chemically mixed colors. In that case don’t forget to wear old clothes or any white color dresses as it looks more attractive because you will not be able to remove color from that dress again. So wear that dress which you can use ones and for all. But yes you can definitely keep it for future memory. Make it the best Holi celebration and enjoy to the fullest.

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2 Beware of Eyes and Hair:

If you are a girl then tie your hair properly and use some oil so that the color does not stick into your hair. As bad colors can damage your hair and eyes too if it directly goes into your eye. If you are a boy then take care of your beards too because if color can damage your hair then it can damage your beards too. Don’t let anyone use strong colors that cannot be removed for number of days, use herbal colors and keep your eyes and hair safe. Some Holi colors are very harmful so check it properly before buying. Be naughty but safe on Holi.

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3 Use Oil on Your Body:

Before playing Holi cover your entire body from some oil or moisturizer as it will protect your skin from damaging. When chemical mixed colors come in direct contact with your skin it can irritate your skin. It is better to apply herbal oil or any moisturizer on your body to protect it from damage. We must give this advice to everyone on this very auspicious festival of colors. It will keep your skin safe and protected because colored water and colors can make you skin dry and may be you fail to remove colors from your body.

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4 Takes Care of Your Gadgets:

Holi festival can ruin your fun moment if any damage happens to your phone or wallet. Also, there are chances of pickpocket at the time of Holi as everybody is so involved in celebration and forgets about their belongings. Water is also one of the reasons to protect your mobile or any other gadget from. Keep your wallet and mobiles at home before playing or keep it in a plastic paper so that it remains safe from water and colors. Holi is a go crazy festival so don’t ever think of teasing any police on the street while hanging around. Because if they are drunk, you might get into trouble for sure.


5 Have Fun and Go Insane:

Happy Holi to everyone out there. A day of colors, paint, water guns, water balloons, Happiness and love. Don’t sit at home and watch everyone playing from your balcony! Be a part of the Holi celebration and make it a memorable day. Make new friends, enjoy your day and experience the real happiness and fun of playing the festival of color. Don’t be scared as nothing will happen to you. Be silly, be nutty and enjoy this day to the fullest because this day come once in a year.


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