Lethargic summer evenings, temperatures waiting with ice-teas and lemon soft drinks and sit out of gear occasions. All requesting that you advance out into a get-away. Sounds June enough? How about we attempt another variant, with 18 spots to visit

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi in advance! Play a peaceful and safe Holi without hurting anyone. As we all know that tomorrow(1st March) is Holi. On this day everybody worship Holika dahan and pray to god for the

Holi is the most favorite festival of every individual. Every state celebrates this festival in its own way and carries a unique style. Every year people celebrate Holi in the month of March but Holi date is not same.  People from

The most sizzling Holi Celebration that brings enthusiasm a week before the Holi. This amazing festival of color spread the feeling of love and unites people from long distances. The combination of colors, DJ and the Dahi Handi tradition adds

 Holi was first originated in India long ago having a great history behind. But slowly and gradually, people started celebrating it in almost every corner of the country especially in Delhi. And now the festival is celebrated all over the