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Amazing Holi Celebration to get Wet in the Colours of Joy 2018

Date: 1st March and 2nd of March

With the upcoming spring season and end of winters, Holi is on its heels. The most fun-loving and joyful festival with vibrant colors that people celebrate all over India but the way people celebrate in Delhi has no comparison. Morning Hospitality is one of the leading organizations that spread the joy of Holi celebration packages in Delhi NCR. Elegantly playful festival in Delhi full of dance, music, fun, entertainment, colors and varieties of sweets.  In 2018, Holi is celebrated on 1st and 2nd of March.

On 1st of March, at the time of sunset the ritual of ‘Holika Dahan’ they praise and later on 2nd March; every body is busy celebrating holic full Holi with dance, music and dry colors. Holi parties in Delhi are organized by Morning Hospitality in the form of small weekend getaways.

Below are some places which describe how to celebrate Holi festival in India:

Mathura/Vrindavan Holi Celebration:

 City like Mathura and Vrindavan where the celebration is most glorious in Hindu religion. As this place has a very deep connection with the people who are in deep devotion of Lord Krishna. Most visited  tourist place by people within and outside the country. This tradition of Mathura Holi celebration was initiated first and foremost by Leela of Krishna and Radha. As this is a place where Lord Krishna was born and in Vrindavan Lord Krishna allocates his childhood days. People starts enjoying this occasion a week before Holi.

By enchanting prayers in temples like Dwarkadheesh Temple, Banke-Bihari Temple and start adorning Lord Krishna and Radha with new clothes, by cleaning the temple and renovating it, by organizing music and dance shows. People from Vrindavan play a colorful Holi in a very descent manner without hurting each other in anyways. Holi colors are also very pure no dilution of chemicals. And then a Holi party is thrown after a week or 10 days when the Holi is over.


 Colorful Holi in Delhi:

Holi is a festival which people celebrate all over India. The only carnival for which people from outside the country visit this place.People from Southeast Asia, Northeast America and Europe visit place to place to taste the blissful Holi festival. The most favored and flavored event which signifies the love, dance, music, devotion, cuisines and colors all in one. This year the celebration of Holi 2018  will take place on 1st and 2nd of March. And the most happening Holi celebration packages are furnished by Morning Hospitality depending upon the days and place you choose.  

Holi Event Celebrations in Jaipur:

As we know Jaipur is a royal place of Rajputs and Mewar residing there. Similarly, people celebrate Holi festival in a grand approach. Due to its epicness with huge Palace, Forts and Resorts. As a result the celebration of Holi is also grand in a city like Jaipur. Keeping in mind the culture and tradition of Rajasthan, the curator of Mewar dynasty lit the Holika Dahan at City Palace in Udaipur. And the next morning we celebrate the day with colors, music and dance.  Hence the colossal collection of decorated elephants, camels, horses. Starting up the celebration by folk dancing on the streets following the competition between elephants as elephant races and tug-of-war between the elephants.  

Holi Glory in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is a popular city in Uttarakhand for river rafting and camping, bungee jumping and trekking. People adore this place knowing the fact that the place is full of adventure and amusement. One of the most noteworthy and soul satisfying places in Uttarakhand where travelers visit for Char Dham Yatra. One of the best Holi celebration tour package are glorified by Morning Hospitality by offering affordable packages. With dry colors, music, DJ night, get together with others, special holiday package also include rafting, trekking, camping, staying in hotel.

Therefore, a city called Rishikesh bash the Holi celebration. All the travelers leaving behind the unforgettable memories when it comes to Pichkari, Colors, Gujiya, Holi snacks, balloons for water. And other adventurous activities which you should not miss. Rishikesh is one of the most holy places where travelers visit to wash away their sins by consequently taking a dip in Ganga River.

Rang Barse Carnival:

Mind blowing and heart flowing festival that takes place every year in India. With highly counte rock band, live singing, musicians and orchestra. And the travelers boozing their body up with enthusiasm. As a result it seems like a full day Holi celebration on 1st and 2nd of March. Morning Hospitality has come up with more spice this year. Also full on colors, dance, music and fun for travelers coming from within and outside the country garnishing an affordable weekend getaway near Delhi NCR. Hurry Up! And don’t miss the chance to book your tickets to the blast the Holi event this year.

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